Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My "FIRST" Link Up

I am so very thrilled as today I got some feedback on my very first link up. I worked so hard trying to be unique and crafty all at the same time with my Crib Bench and someone actually liked it! Whoo-hoo I am on cloud nine.You know a little praise goes a LONG way when your a struggling newbie lol.I had to have my 13 year old help me to link up but i still need to learn how to link back? UGH! I was reading a post on what not to do with your blog last night and I think I have done probably everything that your not suppose to do on my new blog .So please continue to be patient with me as I am working on it {with the help of my reluctant teenager}I have to literally promise  the world to get her to spend 10 minutes with this ol computer illiterate gal!
Any whoo, I'm excited to bring you my next project, a Christmas one indeed so come back soon and leave me some chit-chat PLEASE? It makes my day for sure.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crib Bench

Well as I was clearing out the basement I came across my sons old crib,by the way hes now 8.I thought to myself this is a pretty cool looking headboard so what could I do with it? Then it hit me "A BENCH". So I got some old wood and a saw and just winged it and my family were flabbergasted when they came home to see my work in action!

Yes I built it in my living room!Didn't have any plans I just measured and cut.There also was alot of drilling going on.Did I mention the nails too? When "finally" I was done with all the building of this massive bench and ready to paint! YEAH!!! I made my own chalk paint and once again I winged it with that as well but I loved the rustic black finish. OK are you ready? Without further Ado.... My finished Crib Bench!Please let me know what you think! Thanks, Deidre~

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spiced Ball Jar Candles

Well today it was cold and gloomy outside so I wanted to "warm" up the house a bit with some nice scents.I got to thinking I should just do a simple {and I do mean simple} craft that anyone can do.Ive been making these mini ball jar clove and cinnamon candles for years I think you'll like them.

First you'll need: 22 gauge craft wire
wire cutters small Ball jars
whole cloves
cinnamon sticks
small pine cones,small candles such as tea lights or round ball candles.All you do is take your wire and wrap it twice around the rim of the jar and twist it off then cut it.You'll want to bend the wire ends in so as not to get scratched.Next take one or two cinnamon sticks and wrap the wire again twice around twist then add a small pine cone and wrap the wire around that as well.Now cut the wire but add an inch or so to attach to the wire on the jar,twist the wire and cut! You could use jute or twine as well but I kept it simple here. Al l that's left to do is pour some cloves in your jar set your candle in and light and enjoy falls aromas!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Backsplash Makeover

Today's Manic project will be my Hideous 70s Tan Mushroom back splash!You see when we moved in here the cupboards were all shaker pine and they hung them LOW and put in a soffit to boot! Now visualize I left my old house with a HUGE kitchen with center island with the sink in it and pine plank floors and a wood stove and LOTS of cupboards.But due to our situation we moved from the country to the burbs and sacrificed the kitchen for big rooms and more importantly "more bathrooms".We built a center island that's on rollers{casters} and we even built an eat in homework bar because the only counter space that we had is what you see.

I found this color combination at BHG and my husband actually likes it as the lower color hides a multitude of sins! Sooooooooooo today Id had enough and started priming the old mushroom back splash white.Photos will follow as I cant find my camera charger at the moment?Don't you just hate when that happens:)So far I'm liking it alot and its such a BIG difference in such a little space.Please stay tuned to see the after pics as I turn the house upside down to find that charger!

Found it!!! Well this is just the primer and what a HUGE difference!I will keep you posted and cant wait till the big reveal! Stay tuned:)

So Simple Bird Bath/Feeders

This easy project is so mch fun to do and will look great in your garden! this is the Bird bath/feeder  topper made completely out of cement and washed with acrylic paint.All you do is get a leaf of your choice mine is a rhubarb leaf. Go to your Home depot store and get a bag of Quickrete cement a bag of sand and a porch footer cardbord tube. To start choose a nice leaf,hostas work well,put some plastic down then dump the sand in a pile put your leaf upside down on the mound creating a bowl like affect.Now mix the cement and water to the consistency of brownie batter,cover the leaf out to the edges but thicker in the middle,being sure not to get the edges to thin. If this is just going to be a feeder that sits on the ground then flatten the bottom by tapping it with something flat {I used the bottom of a plastic bowl}If you are going to make the cement footer to stand it on then you will need to cut a collar about 3inches wide from your footer tube and stick it into your leaf cement  in the center just after you cover the leaf with cement.Build it up around the base of the collar ..      Cover with saran wrap and let dry overnite.Carefully turn your cement leaf over and peel the leaf out {this should be done very carefully}Now your ready to wash it with some paint!I just mix acrylic paint with water and go to town!
The Footer Base- depending on how tall you want your bird bath/feeder to be cut the tube that tall.Make sure to put saran wrap under the tube on a flat surface.Now mix another bag of Quickrete and fill the tube,let it sit over night to dry completely. Now you just need to find the perfect spot to put it!:)Your fine feathered friend will thank you!
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