Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Backsplash Makeover

Today's Manic project will be my Hideous 70s Tan Mushroom back splash!You see when we moved in here the cupboards were all shaker pine and they hung them LOW and put in a soffit to boot! Now visualize I left my old house with a HUGE kitchen with center island with the sink in it and pine plank floors and a wood stove and LOTS of cupboards.But due to our situation we moved from the country to the burbs and sacrificed the kitchen for big rooms and more importantly "more bathrooms".We built a center island that's on rollers{casters} and we even built an eat in homework bar because the only counter space that we had is what you see.

I found this color combination at BHG and my husband actually likes it as the lower color hides a multitude of sins! Sooooooooooo today Id had enough and started priming the old mushroom back splash white.Photos will follow as I cant find my camera charger at the moment?Don't you just hate when that happens:)So far I'm liking it alot and its such a BIG difference in such a little space.Please stay tuned to see the after pics as I turn the house upside down to find that charger!

Found it!!! Well this is just the primer and what a HUGE difference!I will keep you posted and cant wait till the big reveal! Stay tuned:)

1 comment:

Connie ❀ said...

I like your cupboards - you did a good job 1

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