Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Simple Bird Bath/Feeders

This easy project is so mch fun to do and will look great in your garden! this is the Bird bath/feeder  topper made completely out of cement and washed with acrylic paint.All you do is get a leaf of your choice mine is a rhubarb leaf. Go to your Home depot store and get a bag of Quickrete cement a bag of sand and a porch footer cardbord tube. To start choose a nice leaf,hostas work well,put some plastic down then dump the sand in a pile put your leaf upside down on the mound creating a bowl like affect.Now mix the cement and water to the consistency of brownie batter,cover the leaf out to the edges but thicker in the middle,being sure not to get the edges to thin. If this is just going to be a feeder that sits on the ground then flatten the bottom by tapping it with something flat {I used the bottom of a plastic bowl}If you are going to make the cement footer to stand it on then you will need to cut a collar about 3inches wide from your footer tube and stick it into your leaf cement  in the center just after you cover the leaf with cement.Build it up around the base of the collar ..      Cover with saran wrap and let dry overnite.Carefully turn your cement leaf over and peel the leaf out {this should be done very carefully}Now your ready to wash it with some paint!I just mix acrylic paint with water and go to town!
The Footer Base- depending on how tall you want your bird bath/feeder to be cut the tube that tall.Make sure to put saran wrap under the tube on a flat surface.Now mix another bag of Quickrete and fill the tube,let it sit over night to dry completely. Now you just need to find the perfect spot to put it!:)Your fine feathered friend will thank you!

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Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Hi Deidre...thanks for popping by! I love this idea. It would be perfect for my mother in law who is a gardening and bird loving fanatic. Now that all the leaves are just about gone, do you think this would work w/ a plastic leaf?? I love the way you painted yours up..has an aged patina kinda look to it! Welcome to blog land!

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