Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crib Bench

Well as I was clearing out the basement I came across my sons old crib,by the way hes now 8.I thought to myself this is a pretty cool looking headboard so what could I do with it? Then it hit me "A BENCH". So I got some old wood and a saw and just winged it and my family were flabbergasted when they came home to see my work in action!

Yes I built it in my living room!Didn't have any plans I just measured and cut.There also was alot of drilling going on.Did I mention the nails too? When "finally" I was done with all the building of this massive bench and ready to paint! YEAH!!! I made my own chalk paint and once again I winged it with that as well but I loved the rustic black finish. OK are you ready? Without further Ado.... My finished Crib Bench!Please let me know what you think! Thanks, Deidre~
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