Sunday, November 20, 2011

My "FIRST" Link Up

I am so very thrilled as today I got some feedback on my very first link up. I worked so hard trying to be unique and crafty all at the same time with my Crib Bench and someone actually liked it! Whoo-hoo I am on cloud nine.You know a little praise goes a LONG way when your a struggling newbie lol.I had to have my 13 year old help me to link up but i still need to learn how to link back? UGH! I was reading a post on what not to do with your blog last night and I think I have done probably everything that your not suppose to do on my new blog .So please continue to be patient with me as I am working on it {with the help of my reluctant teenager}I have to literally promise  the world to get her to spend 10 minutes with this ol computer illiterate gal!
Any whoo, I'm excited to bring you my next project, a Christmas one indeed so come back soon and leave me some chit-chat PLEASE? It makes my day for sure.
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