Saturday, December 3, 2011

Knock-Off Ballards "Iced Pinecone Ornaments"

So as I was perusing the pages of my Ballards Christmas catalog,I was shocked to see these glittery pine cones that they are charging 15 dollars for a set of three! Every year my kids and I go out in the yard and gather pine cones to glitter for our tree so imagine my surprise when i spied these pine cones.

All you need to make these spectacular beauties are,1} Pine cones 2} glitter any color 3} craft wire 4}Any kind of white glue 5}A Glue gun 6}sea glass you can find it at any craft store cheap! 7} ribbon or twine  and a hammer to smash the sea glass:)
Sorry its so blurry but this is the sea glass they have many colors.All we did was to wrap the wire around the top of the pine cone and twist.Next we put the sea glass in a sock and smashed it.Now all that's left to do do is glue and glitter and add some twine or ribbon to the top now watch these babies SPARKLE!!!
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