Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Sneak Peek"

Good morning! Well Ive been working alot lately on my ugly 70's kitchen trying hard to transform it into something warm and welcoming and kinda current.The catch here is....I have next to no money to accomplish this project:) Its sort of like kitchen nightmare on a far I have used alot of paint and primer that I already had and I repainted the cabinet hardware to a nice hammered black.Still much more to go so I must get going and get Very creative,stay tuned but for now here's a peek.......

Saturday, February 18, 2012

White Re-Fresh

Today I thought I'd start with the finished project first,these are the two Very solid detailed candle blocks I found at my Salvation Army for 99cents.They were quite heavy and quite ugly:)I got home and went to work making them into a pair of Shabby Chic Chippy candle holders that I'd be proud to display in my home.First I painted them Turquoise then in the grooves I gave them a little fern green,and lastly a rough coating of white.When all were dry I laid into them with some rough sand paper until I achieved the look I was after.Well,what do you think? I Love them:)

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Now all that's left to do is to find two beautiful pillar candles!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

"American Crafter Auditions Now At Naptime Crafters"

Good morning everyone ,I just auditioned over at Naptime Crafters so hurry on over and check it out as there's over $1,000 in prizes up for grabs! Well,what are you waiting for? :) 

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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Shabby Table

Hello I'm back with another project I just finished up.I really needed a skinny table in my narrow entryway that could take a beating and yet fit,so out to the garage I went and with some old scrap wood leftover from projects gone by I came up with this chippy shabby lovely little table. I really didn't know for sure what Id do so I kind of just winged it as I went cutting,nailing,staining ,painting and lastly sanding till I had the perfect shabby table.

A New Purpose for a Tired Old Lamp

 Hi again it seems like ages since I posted a project but you see my family has been sick with everything but the bubonic plague and so I've sort of been out of commission for awhile.
This is just a little something I did over the weekend with an old floor lamp that had seen better days.

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The top glass bowl on the lamp was broken so I thought it would make a sturdy candle holder that I could just stick in a corner somewhere.First I took it all apart and I shortened it by unscrewing one of the pole attachments.Next I hit it with some white primer, then gorilla glued the pretty topper on.At first it was great until I was bent over trying to do the next step when the candle fell out and hit me in the head!Light bulb moment! I assessed the situation and realized that I needed something to sit inside the fluted topper that was flat enough to hold the candle.Brainstorm!A pickle jar lid worked just perfectly.So I rubbed some dark walnut stain over the whole thing and wiped off just a bit and now I have a lovely floor candle holder.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

25 Very Random things About Me:)

1) I am a morning person who wakes up singing
2) well after my coffee that is....
3) I'm in LOVE with Tony Bennett I could listen to his music all day long.
4)I live for gardening and most summer days that's where you will find me out diggin in the dirt!
5)I have the sweetest dog in the world my Labradoodle Jack
6)I painted numbers on my stairs and painted them backwards as I started at the top instead of the bottom,oooppps.
7)I LOVE to build stuff:)
8)I love to read the dictionary and my family thinks that's so bazaar?
9)I am very sensitive
10)I have a 14 year old daughter who can get me to argue like I'm 14!
11)I still look at my husband after 20+ years of marriage and think hes handsome
12)These days when I start my projects I seem to run out of steam,but my intentions are good!lol
13) I'm addicted to sweets:)
14) Secretively some days Id like another baby,or a puppy?
15) I just turned 51   UGH!!
16) Menopause isn't all its cracked up to be,just sayin
17)I lost my sister back in 76 as she was murdered,(unsolved)
18) I long for a best friend sister relationship that closeness
19)I LOVE K C and the Sunshine Band!!!
20) I'm a Blues singer
21)Love to eat Beets cold right outta the can:)
22)My Favorite movie of all time,Its A Wonderful Life
23)Love American Idol   oh yeah and Steven Tyler too
24)Love the Adirondacks
25)I am afraid of the dark
There you have have it just a few quirky things about me:)
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