Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Newbies in the Garden

This morning as I was out walking in the gardens with my morning cup of coffee I was amazed at all the new life in my garden and I'm not just talking about the plants.The Mom and Dad Cardinals were scurrying about getting worms and tid-bits for their new babies that are nesting way up in my pines.
Then I saw the Momma sparrow darting in and out of her nest in the patio tree.The rabbits have been very busy this year eating my blue hostas Grrrrrrrr!So I thought I would show you how the baby Sparrows are doing these days,last count there were three and their eyes are now open.Enjoy!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Bloomin

Its been a very hot week here in the North and every day in my garden is such a sweet surprise for me.I thought that I would try to take you on a walk around my gardens every Friday or so as thing are really beginning to POP!!
Every morning I have my coffee on my back garden patio to the Cardinal singing me a heartfelt song while the Momma Sparrow flits back and foreth bringing her newborns some much needed breakfast!
Theres usually nobody up at that time in the morning so its ever so peaceful and I walk the path to see whats bloomed that morning.I was hoping to show you my climbing roses but they still havent opened yet but I expect that any day now they will open to a glorious red and a sweet scent to boot so stay tuned!Hope you enjoy!
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