Monday, July 30, 2012

Finding A Thrifty Treasure

I'm so very excited and pleased to tell you all about  one of my all time favorite thrifty finds.You see I was at a local garage sale around the corner a few months back when I spotted this very old and very detailed rocker. It was definitely love at first sight for me! Unfortunately the woman wanted WAY to much money for it and it was more than I had in my possession at that moment. Sadly I got a few small items and went on my way but I never forgot about that rocker.Well I went to go out a week ago when I noticed a garage sale sign so I made a B line in that direction and sure enough it was at the same place.I was shocked to see the rocker sitting out in her driveway so I quickly asked "HOW MUCH" and she said $20.00!!! I'm pretty sure you can guess the rest! Here she is in all her worn glory...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Garden Beauties

Here we are almost at the end of July and still no rain in sight,but I am so amazed at the flowers in my garden that are still holding on.I'm just going to post them randomly so enjoy their beauty. Whats your favorite flower that's growing in your garden?

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My DIY Make-Over

This is the story of my old hall tree that my sweet hubby and I bought when we were first married. It has certainly served it's purpose over the "many" years of holding our friends and families coats and sports gear and well just our junk!It was really looking quite worn and boring and every time I'd pass it by it mocked me,lol. Finally enough was enough and out came the big guns.I whipped up a batch of my trusty chalk paint and to work I got painting that smug smile forever off that hall tree! Whew I've had too much coffee,lol.After I painted two coats I distressed a bit  and then gave it some homemade stained wax.The difference was quite a POP of color even though its white,I'm LOVIN it.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Old Mustard Drawers

Well I'm back after a very hectic month as my Mother went in the hospital for major surgery and Ive been helping her with her recovery. I'm "VERY" pleased to introduce my latest find, a five dollar find at a garage sale!I loaded that sucker up into my van and could hardly wait to get into my garage to start the make-over process, muhahahahaha......
First things first I had to vacuum all the cobwebs out then I made my trusty chalk paint and went to town painting to my hearts content. When it came time to put a few coats of wax on I decided to add some dark walnut gel stain to my paste wax as I only had the light wax. Much to my surprise it turned out beautifully!So check out my SWEET transformation...
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