Monday, January 9, 2012

Breathing "New Life"

Here I am again as I've been kind of in a funk after the holidays between christmas and then everyone taking turns with the flu.I am kick starting myself again so heres my latest before and after re-make of an UGLY old Syroco plastic gold mirror.Ive had this since the early 80's and when we moved in here I hung it over our staircase,but every time I'd come down the stairs I would cringe at how UGLY this old mirror is!!
I started off by making some chalk paint in an eye-popping persimmon red by Martha Stewart so heres what that looked like,

After that was dry I went over the whole thing roughly with some flat Ivory paint making sure to leave some of the red to show through.The last step was to age it as I was going for an old vintage look.Heres the outcome,Im really pleased with it now:)

Im sorry its not the entire mirror all at once but i wanted you to see the detailing and vintage feel.
Mirror Mirror on the wall whos the fairest Mirror of them all?  Hope you've enjoyed my small mood busting project, let me know what you think!

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