Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well I came across this picture today and I was thinking of all the creative and inspiring valentine crafts and projects that Ive seen lately.This is a message that my little man Sam {8years old} left me on his newly painted barn red chalkboard closet door.You see after I finished painting them I left him a message not thinking anything of it,A couple days later when I was cleaning his room I happened to see that he added a message to me! It made being a Mom so worth it! 

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Now "THATS"   L O V E.........


  Im so excited and suprised to find that Ive been given the Liebster award! Just when you think nobodys noticing your efforts. Thank you Holly at "Full Circle Creations" for noticing me:) Now the rules are that I choose 5 Newbie blogs with less than 200 followers,then link back to the blogger who awarded you, Post the award on your blog and list the 5 newbie bloggers with links! Here are my 5:
Curb Alert 2)Sopias Decor 3)Adventures of Our fami-ly       4)The Whimsicle Wife  5)My Sisters Suitcase

Pin ItThese are all wonderfully creative and inspiring blogs! Congratulations!
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