Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Shabby Table

Hello I'm back with another project I just finished up.I really needed a skinny table in my narrow entryway that could take a beating and yet fit,so out to the garage I went and with some old scrap wood leftover from projects gone by I came up with this chippy shabby lovely little table. I really didn't know for sure what Id do so I kind of just winged it as I went cutting,nailing,staining ,painting and lastly sanding till I had the perfect shabby table.

A New Purpose for a Tired Old Lamp

 Hi again it seems like ages since I posted a project but you see my family has been sick with everything but the bubonic plague and so I've sort of been out of commission for awhile.
This is just a little something I did over the weekend with an old floor lamp that had seen better days.

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The top glass bowl on the lamp was broken so I thought it would make a sturdy candle holder that I could just stick in a corner somewhere.First I took it all apart and I shortened it by unscrewing one of the pole attachments.Next I hit it with some white primer, then gorilla glued the pretty topper on.At first it was great until I was bent over trying to do the next step when the candle fell out and hit me in the head!Light bulb moment! I assessed the situation and realized that I needed something to sit inside the fluted topper that was flat enough to hold the candle.Brainstorm!A pickle jar lid worked just perfectly.So I rubbed some dark walnut stain over the whole thing and wiped off just a bit and now I have a lovely floor candle holder.

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