Monday, August 6, 2012

A Simple Table

Whew! Today is the first day in MONTHS that its actually cool and breezy outside and I'm not a hostage in my house anymore.Still no rain but I will most definitely take a cool breeze!
As I was garage sailing last week I was getting ready to leave a sale when I saw a small old table{Yes I'm addicted to tables!}loaded up with tools for sale.I asked the sale owner if the table was for sale and she said yes and I asked what shed take for it and she said $5!! Am I lucking out with the five dollar sales or what! So I made my daughter carry it to the van and home we went.When I got it in the garage I noticed a small metal tag on the front that said Gaylord Bros. Inc. so I asked around and found that its a very well made furniture Co. Who knew?
The tabletop was kind of worn a bit and since Im simply addicted to white for some strange reason I decided to give it one coat of chalk paint and just distress it some.It fits right in around here in our work in progress family room!
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