Friday, August 24, 2012

A Simple Fall Twig Wreath

We recently put a new front door on and it totally changes the look of our home but I still need to choose a color and paint it.As I was mowing the lawn and glancing every so often at the new door,it seemed to me to be missing something (other than paint) lol.It got me to thinking that a simple Fall wreath would do the trick.So down into my craft room I went to construct a very easy and seasonal wreath.
All you will need is a sturdy twig wreath
Hot glue gun
Varied sizes of pine cones
Dollar store trimmings and ribbon. I just tore apart an old wreath and got out my Fall decorations from last year and started hot gluing pine cones and old leaf garland that I cut up. When I was done gluing everything I made a ribbon from some ribbon that I got at the dollar store,thats it! Now all I have to do is buy a wreath hanger and hang it outside.

Cooler Days in the Garden

Well the rain finally came but quite briefly leaving us with cooler nights but still dry hot days.Something I noticed after the rain came was that plants that had already bloomed and faded away were now blooming again.What a most pleasant surprise!As I was out this morning I took a few pictures of my favorites for you, enjoy.......
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