Friday, October 18, 2013

Making the Aprons!

Here's a peek at the new aprons I've been working on  for my sideline project.
I wanted a sturdy fabric and one that would stand up to alot of "kitchen business". I love the long pocket on the front as it has three little pockets sewn in for whatever the need be, and I made the apron strings extra long  to be tied in front.These are also something a man could feel comfortable wearing as well.I started by eye-balling  the length that I thought would work and be a standard size.Next I just folded the material in half and cut out my design of choice. I hemmed all the edges and made  extra long ties and a neck piece.The pockets on the front were an after thought but I love them as they will come in handy for recipe cards or who knows!The last thing I did was to add a piece of the material as trim and turning it the opposite way on the top front.  Stay tuned as I will be showing you  some other designs that I have been creating.

1 comment:

Heather - New House New Home said...

This is exactly the kind of one I wear - sturdy, long and comfortable. Never go in the kitchen without one on!

Whoever gets this will love it, I'm sure. Great job, Diedre.

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