Thursday, November 7, 2013

My DIY Striped Curtains

I have been admiring the striped curtains all over Pinterest for quite some time now and so I decided to make my own.
I thought to myself no sweat this will go fast without a hitch....famous last words.This was a Huge undertaking as I needed four panels to complete my rather large window. Here's what I did,I bought four 84 inch faux silk lined window panels at Walmart as well as for 84 inch black curtains. I decided upon the desired stripe width and how many stripes I wanted, I used four stripes per panel.I measured and started cutting. I used the bottom of each black panel as it was already hemmed for me so that counted as my fourth bottom stripe.I wanted 96 inch panels so it worked out well.
There was "NO" sewing involved with these curtains whatsoever.After I cut all the stripes I cut some heat and bond strips and ironed them to the backs of the stripes.
Next I measured and ironed each stripe to my panels and I must say I also did alot of eye-balling here as well. I continued on with all four panels until all the stripes were ironed on to my liking.The final step was the trim to cover the raw edges to give these a finished look.I bought a bunch of black ribbon at the fabric store and using the same technique as I did with the black stripes I again used it here. Heat and bond and ironing.
They turned out beautiful and now I need to make Roman shades to go under them! I would definitely do this again as it was pretty easy once you get going but maybe on a smaller window.
Sorry about the window glare!

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

Wow, they look fabulous! I have always liked black and white stripes.

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