Sunday, March 30, 2014

Simple Slipcovers For an Old Recliner

Today I thought I'd  share with you all  a project I've been busy with here on the home front.Its my old Lazy Boy recliner that we've had for over 10 years.I wasn't up to the challenge of recovering so I thought Drop cloth slips would  do the trick here.
I just so happened to have a large cloth in my possession so I took the recliner apart and armed with two old sheets  made a pattern.

 I tore off the old skirt as shown all wadded up in the above picture.The next few days were all about pinning  and basting and more re-pinning  and re-basting UGH!

 I had to make five different pieces  as the chair was in sections and the seat isn't a cushion.Everything was a Super tight fit so it was a bit arduous to get things into position.But with a bit of determination I made it work. I thought I would need Velcro all around  but ended up not using it as I made the slips tuck deeply in to the chair,I only needed it at the base of the chair back slip.

I did however use elastic on the footrest slip and it really gave it a nice look before I added the skirt all around.

 The five slips are as follows: The chair back,the arms the seat,and the foot rest.

 After I finished all the hemming and fitting into place I started on the skirt,I also added some piping to that as well.

I pinned that into position also there were four skirts made  one for each side one for the back  and one for the footrest.For an old family chair  that mostly gets pizza hands wiped on and doggie paws all over  I'm so pleased with this easy look  and now all I have to do is pop the slips in the washer.

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Erlene A said...

You did a fabulous job. I'm in the middle of making a slipcover for my chair and it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. How did you finish the back? Is it ties or velcro?

Susan D said...

Wow! You did an amazing job! I made a drop cloth cover for my sofa and so I know how much work you put in that chair! It was worth it in the end--for sure.

Agos said...

That looks so good! Love the frilly skirt.

Janet said...

I have a sleeper sofa and two recliners that need slips!! Your details give me more confidence, Now if only I can keep a horizontal space in this house clear...........
My guys think any surface is fair game for dumping their stuff.

Jen C. said...

Slipcovers are a lot of work! It's in the details for sure! Your efforts have proven successful - the chair looks amazing!! Pat yourself on the back!

Parsimonious Perfection said...

Wonderful job....especially the pleating detail!

Christina Muscari said...

Stopping by to say "hello." Thank you for your kind words about my table project. Looking forward to following your blog. And I am loving your slipcover.

Christy James said...

I have been staring at my husband's recliner and wondering if there was any way possible a slipcover would camouflage it. It's fatter and "poofier" than yours, so I'm not sure but yours turned our fantastic! And at least I know it's possible. Great job! XO

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