Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring In Sight

 Hello this is about all the action that's been happening in my gardens right now.
The snow is melting and the flood waters are receding to a muddy mess.The Robins are all over the place in fact I don't remember ever seeing them this early up here and their bellies are fatter than ever.I'm anxiously awaiting warmer days and a few blooms but as for now they say April showers bring May flowers right? Until then I'm content watching all the birds enjoying my yard and gardens. Hope you enjoy the pics too.

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Rachel Uchizono said...

The fat robins are adorable. And I see spring is on the way! I love crocuses.

Lee Hynes said...

Amazing shots, I have never seen a squirrel and blossom trees are my all time faves. I LOVE what you shoed us what a great garden,full of life! I see you also paint!

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