Thursday, October 2, 2014

My DIY Holiday Wreath

Today I'd like to show you a "new" design for a Holiday wreath that I've been working on.
I have search Pinterest and have yet to see a wreath like this so lets get started.The first things you will need are four to five packages of clothes pins. I get mine at the Dollar Tree.Next you will need hot glue an old picture frame, white paint,dollar store ornaments,star anise white glue and some glitter.
You will take all the clothes pins apart,this is the most tedious part of this project.Once that's done you will paint all the clothes pins white.After they are completely dry you begin hot glueing them together two pins flat sides together.Kepp going toll you have all your pins glued.Now take Five pins and glue them round tops together to form a five pointed snowflake,I just lay them flat on a table to do this.

to get a double snowflake I simply glue two completed flakes together.The next step is glueing the snowflakes to the frame in the desired pattern of your choice.I just played around with mine until I liked what I saw.

Now is the time to have fun and embellish your wreath any way you like.I added some star anise in the centers and for some sparkle ,glitter and dollar tree deco.Lastly I created a burlap strap to hang my creation!

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