Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments

As the snow was falling outside I started to feel very festive today so I gathered up some supplies I had  and I began creating.
First I gathered some old glass ornaments that Ive had for years (or you can buy clear glass ornaments at any craft store)  and with that I also got my looking glass spray paint a blow dryer some silver and black craft paint and I began. The first thing I did was to remove the hanging gold cap and wash the glass ornaments. I let them drain on a towel for as long as it took me to wash them all,pretty much till they were spotty with water beads.
Next I began spraying little bursts of paint inside the glass ornament and swirling around and around  then with the blow dryer I dried the inside.
Its totally up to you how much paint you want but for me I did this process three times till I was satisfied with the look.

The reason for spraying the glass ornaments while still wet is so you will get that aged Mercury Glass vintage look.
Now on to the ugly gold hanger caps,as I wanted an old patina finish on them to go along with the look of the ornament. I used silver and black craft paint and LOVE the look I got and over time I'm sure the gold with start to peek through but that's ok as it will add to the old vintage look.
I hope you'll try these its a very easy project and so beautiful too! Total cost for this project 0$$

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Heather - New House New Home said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to try this!!!!

Anne Lorys said...

These are wonderful!

Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable said...

So pretty! What a great idea and it looks like a pretty simple project, which is my favorite! :)

Trish Dee said...

These are beautiful and you made look so easy. I must try this. Thank you

UniquelyNan Vintage said...

So that they look really old and vintage.

Lady of the Manor said...

I'm trying these this week. Thanks for the tutorial!

Jo said...

Very lovely vintage look.

Jo said...

Beautiful vintage look!

CapeCodGarden said...

Very nice! This will be a wonderful project for my daughters and I. Thank You and Happy Holidays! :)

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